The CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet

I’ve been searching for a big, top quality electric skillet or frying pan for some time.

I made a decision to upgrade my present CucinaPro 1654 Stainless Steel Electric Skillet 16 Inch – Non-Stick Interior since it failed to perform right for me. Maybe I got a bad one. It failed to get hot enough as well as scratched easily. The last occasion I used it i managed to get so annoyed I unplugged it and went out the door and put it in the garbage, still warm. And so i began to research. You know, some Electric Skillets are rather useless. Perhaps people are merely settling for lower quality objects. Not me. I needed a stainless steel electric skillet. Non-stick is not really cutting it for me. Anyhow I read a unfavorable review on the CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet and was cautious. So I called the manufacturer and was greeted by a really friendly support that put my worries to rest. I bought the CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet but messed up the preparing process. Once more I called support and was advised to gently use a Brillo pad although not while the pan was in water. If the electric skillet is below water the steel fragments from the Brillo can get inside the plug elements and short out. Anyway, I did as told and it worked fine. Then I made it right and seasoned my new electric skillet by cooking a pound of bacon in it. I was set to go. I prepared sliced squash dipped in a egg wash and bread crumbs seasoned with Parmesan cheese and fried them in olive oil at about 325 degrees. The outcome was excellent. The squash browned beautifully. The CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet heated uniformly and maintained its temperature throughout the procedure. Cleaning was very simple. I just gradually added about a cup of water, let it reach a boil and deglaze the skillet. It was that simple. Who wants non-stick. That stuff is not a healthy product. I truly had to look hard for this skillet and wouldn’t settle for second best. I knew just what i wanted and found it with the CucinaPro 1454 Stainless Steel Round Classic Electric Skillet. If you need a  BIG! Electric Skillet then the CucinaPro 1454 is something for you. Someone mentioned the sharp edge on the top ridge however I don’t notice that at all. The only issue if it is one, is that I thought there where no mark as a temperature guide setting. I called and inquired and was informed that the light indicator is the mark. I don’t see a difficulty with where the plug is situated, in fact i believe it is a sensible place because if you are going to move the electric skillet you need to unplug it. Its a great electric skillet. I am a carpenter and my partner thought it amusing that rather than asking for some sort of tool for my birthday I wanted a Electric Skillet. 😳

Oh yeah, it does a terrific job frying Italian peppers and chicken or any meal for the whole family. This Electric Skillet gets 5 stars out of 5 stars from me.

CucinaPro 1654 Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

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