The Precise Heat 12″ Electric Round Skillet

Features high dome cover and glass cover adjustable temperature control and non-slip feet. Use stainless steel dome cover on electric skillet or on stovetop as a grill or frypan with glass cover or use in oven as a casserole. Glass cover fits electric skillet or dome cover. UL approved. Cooking surface measures 12 x 2. Limited 5 year warranty. White box. more
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  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Great Gift Idea.

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The Precise Heat Surgical StainlessSteel Oil Core Electric Skillet

This 3-ply skillet features low dome cover, stay-cool handles & knobs and mirror finish for beatury & durability. Unique oil core liquid is sealed between layers of heavy gauge surgical stainless steel. What I was most impressed with was the overall quality of the product.. made like a tank will probably last forever. There are other issues. When you cook with my pan all your cooking oil goes over to one side.. not sure if it\'s the feet or the pan surface itself that\'s not level. I just move stuff around a bit to make sure everything gets coated with cooking oil. There\'s definately a peak in the middle of the pan that causes every thing to run to the sides. Once your done be very careful moving the pan .. the internal oil is still hot and the outer surface of the pan will still be very warm after several minutes of being unplugged. Cleaning this pan is not easy. The instructions say not to use steel wool products. I\'ve been using water and baking soda and letting pan heat back up and boil this solution to loosen any food still in the pan. Then let it cool a bit before attempting to clean with a rag. Also the temperature gauge is not in the right place on my pan.. I have to just guess what temperature I\'m cooking at... you\'ll need to work with the temperature settings to make sure you don\'t get things too hot. The temp light goes out when the temperature has reached the setting on the dail... not just when the pan is on. more
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This Item Features

  • 1650 WATTS

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  4.2 out of 5

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